by Dunja Hoejenbos

SIM (Supply Chain Information Management)

SIM is a data partner that delivers software and a diverse team of experts to map supply chains. We identify where products come from, which route they have taken, who is involved and how they have been produced. We offer experts, knowledge, and insights in various risk areas, such as product safety, human and labour rights, animal welfare, and environmental performance. We make sure that our clients have data they can trust, report and act on.

We share the ambition to truly contribute to and make a positive impact, which is why we are a B-Corporation. For more than 12,5 years we are a frontrunner in developing innovations that get the necessary data to their customers faster, cheaper and more reliably (including Blockchain). SIM has mapped over 200.000 supply chains and verified more than 600.000 reports, while speaking 18 languages to talk to the international market. We help you to ensure all your data across our Platform is accurate, timely, complete and up to date with our Services team. Also, we can assist you at our Knowledge Center to define your risks, assess the sustainability of your supply chain and take the next step in making impact. We can work with you to develop strategic goals, set KPIs and train your staff.

As a company, your buying power is the driving force that can create positive change in people’s livelihoods and improve our environment. Unlocking this change requires knowledge of where and under which circumstances products are produced. The transparency of your supply chain is where it all starts. With reliable supplier information, you can purchase safe and sustainable products and contribute to improved social and environmental conditions at every step in your supply chain.

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