Other Locations

by Jan Appel


Hoogenweerth Castle

Hoogenweerth Castle is a unique place in the Netherlands. The castle itself dates back from the 15th century and was named ‘Houweert’. Through the centuries, it was the property of various mayors and aldermen. The owners of the approx. 10 hectare estate had to pay 54 barrells of rye a year to the Beyart convent. The current house was built by alderman and secretary Antonius Vaes in the fourth quarter of the 17th century. His son, Andreas Vaes, also a city secretary, inherited the house. In 1754, he had it renovated and extended. In 1785, the widow Vaes left the estate to her niece Maria de Selys de Fanson. In the 19th century, the house was consecutively owned by the Coenegrachts, Straetmans and Regouts. The last Regout, Pierre, lived there from 1929 until 1967. Then, it was purchased by the Limburg province and it rapidly decayed. In 1992, entrepreneur Paes acquired the castle and had it fully restored to old splendour.

Nowadays, the castle has two decorated castle halls and a bar area and is being used as a hotel and restaurant. A terrace is located on the banks of the river, which is connected to the castle. Behind the castle grounds are its lakes and a nature reserve.

Château St. Gerlach

Located on the edge of the Ingendael nature reserve, just outside Maastricht city centre, the magnificent Château St. Gerlach has been sensitively restored to provide an exceptional, luxury experience.

The historic buildings, including original estate farmhouse, convent and grain lofts. In 2017, Château St. Gerlach was extended with the St. Gerlach Pavillion & ‘Manor Farm’, additions that compliment the ancient estate. The used materials are inspired on the surrounding Limburgian landscape: marl, ashlar and oak. The Festive Fashion Dinner will take place in the St. Gerlach Pavillion.

Golf Course 'Rijk van Margraten'

‘Rijk van Margraten’ is a golf course in the town of ‘Cadier en Keer’ in the very south of the Netherlands. It is partially located on the ‘Keerderberg’ hills and partially on the edge of the Margraten plateau. The golf course is clearly part of the Limburg province due to the fact that it is located between the Meuse valley and the hilly area of the marl caves. Standing on the golf course, players have a marvelous view on the city of Maastricht and the Meuse valley. The 18-hole golf course is in perfect condition and the variety in holes makes the course quite challenging. The difference in course height amounts to approx. 50 meters.